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Get your soul coached.

Life coaching and psychotherapy with an emphasis on your soul. 

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Are you?

  • Experiencing a major life transition

  • Are you unclear about what's next?

Do you want to?

  • Experience greater fulfillment in your life?

  • Discover or reconnect with your values?

  • Overcome Blocks and Obstacles to your success?

  • Achieve balance, inner calm and peace.

  • Become more organized and productive?

Then soul coaching might be for you!

Take this quick assessment and schedule your free consultation to see if soul coaching is for you.

We offer coaching programs for EVERYONE, including children, students, working professionals and artists. Sliding fee scale available.


   Meet Dawn Adjei Jackson, MHC, M.EdM

Psychotherapist, and certified life coach specializing in treating diverse populations.

"Congrats on taking the first step towards improving your life and thank you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey to fulfillment! I am excited as it is my soul's mission to reconnect individuals with their unique truth, restore emotional balance, and put them back into the driver's seat of their own life.  My approach is grounded on the belief that every individual has the power and potential to create fulfillment in their lives when given the action tools and the opportunity to hear that still quiet voice guiding them "home." I am a  Columbia University, Teacher's College graduate with a background in music, and television production, an ex-wife, a mother of three, and a lifelong student of life. I reside in New York City where I currently practice."

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Mindfulness, Meditation and Everything in Between

"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand."


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