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     Dawn Adjei Jackson 
LMHC, M.EdM Certified Spiritual and Life Coach

Meet the Founder of Your Soul Coaching 


 Dawn Adjei Jackson, MHC-LP, M.EdM is a Psychotherapist and Certified Life Coach specializing in treating adults, children, families, and couples with diagnoses including Anxiety, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Schizophrenia. Dawn's philosophy is based on the belief that every individual has the ability to overcome mental challenges when they access thier
"inner wisdom"  and reconnect with their higher selves.


"We all have the power and potential to create fulfillment in our lives when given the action tools and the opportunity to hear that still quiet voice guiding us to the truth"


 With the understanding  that "strength still needs support." Dawn's approach is genuine as she gently escorts you on your journey back to you. Using multiple therapeutic modalities tailored to your individual needs, she will walk alongside you, asking the hard questions to get you to the answers you seek.

Dawn is a  Columbia University, Teacher's College graduate, a Certified Spiritual and Life Coach, and an artist at heart with a background in music and television production. She is a mother and a life-long student of life. She currently resides in New York City where she practices.

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