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Therapy/ Coaching Services


 45-Minute Individual Therapy (Adult)  $100

30-Minute Individual Therapy  (Adult)   $50

45-Minute Individual Therapy (Child 12+) $75

30-Minute Individual Therapy (Child)        $75

60-Minute Couples Therapy     $150

60-Minute Family Therapy       $150

Groups/ Workshops                     $50

During a Soul Coaching session, clients can expect a truly immersive and deeply personal experience. The session begins by creating a safe and sacred space where you can freely express your thoughts, emotions, and concerns. The therapist, trained in various modalities and spiritual practices, will skillfully guide you through the session, remaining fully present and attentive to your needs.

As a client-centered therapy, Soul Coaching places you at the center of the process. Your therapist will actively listen to your story, allowing you to explore and articulate your deepest fears, challenges, and desires. Through this open and non-judgmental dialogue, the therapist will help you gain insights into the root causes of your discomfort.

Soul Coaching incorporates a combination of modalities tailored to your specific needs. This may include elements from psychology, energy healing, mindfulness, meditation, intuitive guidance, and more. The therapist will draw upon these tools to support your healing journey and facilitate a connection with your inner wisdom.

Throughout the session, you will be encouraged to tap into your own intuition and access the ultimate answers that reside within you. The therapist acts as a trusted guide, gently nudging you towards self-discovery and helping you uncover the solutions that align with your deepest values and aspirations.

The goal of Soul Coaching is to not only address the symptoms of your discomfort but to get to the source of the issue. By exploring your spiritual, emotional, and mental landscapes, this therapy aims to promote lasting and holistic healing. It empowers you to take ownership of your own growth and transformation.

As the session concludes, you may feel a sense of clarity, relief, and empowerment. The insights gained and the tools provided in Soul Coaching can extend beyond the therapy session, supporting you in your daily life as you navigate challenges, make decisions, and cultivate a deeper connection with your soul.

In summary, a session of Soul Coaching offers a unique and profound experience of client-centered spiritual therapy. It is a transformative journey that honors your individuality, empowers you to access your inner wisdom, and guides you towards lasting healing and growth

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